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WiFi and Bluetooth Missing on Windows 11 – How I fixed It



WiFi and Bluetooth missing in windows

Sometimes, we run into issues with our computers that really get us worried. One of such problems that can get you worried is WiFi and Bluetooth missing and in this post, I have clearly written the steps I took after the WiFi and Bluetooth options disappeared on my Windows 11 computer.

Some of these issues we face with our computers are things we can easily sort out with little tricks and others may require more difficult and technical processes to fix. The issue of a Missing WiFi and Bluetooth option in a windows computer is one that we can fix with a little workaround in some cases (depending on the cause of the issue).

On February 2022, I decided to update my computer from Windows 10 to Windows 11. This was a decision I didn’t regret as the Windows 11 came with a lot of new features that I liked; like the ability to install android applications, and the ease to navigate. Though the Windows 11 also came with some limitations as I could not do some things I could on Windows 10 but I was willing to forgo these features and hoped they would be added in the later updates as it was still a new Windows version.

My issue started when I decided to update my Windows 11 to the March 2022 Windows 11 update that was released. It all went well and my computer was running smoothly for about 5 days without any problem.

Let me mention that I leave my computer to go to sleep many times. I had put my computer to sleep by closing the lid on this fateful day and when I came back to use it, I realized it wasn’t connecting back to my home WiFi automatically. So I clicked the network icon on the taskbar to connect it back manually only to see that the WiFi and Bluetooth icons were missing.

At first, I didn’t take it to be an issue, probably a complete shutdown and booting up again would fix it but that wasn’t the case. So I started trying somethings to fix it and finally got it rectified. So here I am, sharing how I fixed it below.

NOTE: Though I was able to fix the Missing WiFi and Bluetooth on my Windows 11 computer, there is no guarantee that what I tried would also work in your case as the cause of our issues might be different.

How I Fixed Missing WiFi and Bluetooth Icons On My Windows 11

The first thing I did was to shutdown my computer and hoped this would fix it but it didn’t work. I then forcefully shutdown my computer by long pressing the power button, this didn’t work too.

So what I did to fix this issue was to uninstall the March Update I had installed. After uninstalling the update, the issue was fixed and the missing Bluetooth and WiFi icon reappeared. After doing this, you can wait until a different update is released for your computer which may have the bug fixed before installing an update again.

How to uninstall a Windows update

To uninstall an update in your Windows computer, follow the step shown below;

  1. Select Start
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Windows Update
  4. Select Update history
  5. Select Uninstall update
  6. View update history On the list that appears, locate the update you want to remove, and then select Uninstall next to it.
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Disappears on Windows 11 After Update
WiFi and Bluetooth Missing on Windows 11 - How I fixed It - Wi Fi and Bluetooth Missing 1
Look for the recently installed update in the marked section and uninstall it

I hope this post has helped you to solve your problem on missing WiFi and Bluetooth options in your Windows computer? If you are still having issues, kindly describe it in the comment session

I am a tech enthusiast, a problem solver and a keen writer. Most of my writings here are how I solved tech problems many people might also be facing

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