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Can I Use YouTube Unlisted Videos on Websites With Google AdSense?



Can I Use YouTube Unlisted Videos on Websites With Google AdSense? - google adsense

When you are writing a blog post or a website publication sometimes, you would want to tell your readers more about what you are saying by using relevant videos from YouTube. Unfortunately, your desired video might have a “unlisted video” tag in YouTube and you may not want to mess around with your AdSense account simply by adding this video to your post. This then brings us to the question; Can I Use Unlisted Videos on Websites With Google AdSense?

I will be answering this question on this post but before we continue, I want to take some time to explain what an Unlisted Video really means.

Meaning of Youtube Unlisted Videos

An unlisted video is a bit more like a private video in Youtube but not too private. The only difference is that in private videos, you have to be invited by the video owner to be able to view the video and you must have a Youtube account too. In unlisted videos, you do not need to have a Google or Youtube account nor do you need any invitation to be able to watch the video. Just that unlisted videos, unlike public videos, are not served or delivered on Google or Youtube search pages, and are not seen on Youtube channels, but can only been seen by people who have the direct link to the video. You can see this in Youtube help page as shown in the image below.

 Now, the answer to your question is; YES. You can use Youtube unlisted videos on your website that uses Google AdSense without getting banned from AdSense program.

Being unlisted does not make a video not sharable, it only restricts how the video is being served to viewers. Referring back to the image above, “To share an unlisted video: Share the link with the people you want to have access to it, and they’ll be able to see it”. This means that you can also share the video on your blogs and websites by embedding its link in an iframe as this does not violate any Youtube or AdSense Policy.

When using any Youtube video; Public or Unlisted, be sure that you are not violating any Adsense policy relating to embedding videos on your blogs and websites as shown on the image below.

Apart from this, you can use any Youtube video you like to embed on your website or blog, whether Public or Unlisted.

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