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Questions You May Ask Your Interviewer During an Interview Session



Questions You May Ask Your Interviewer During an Interview Session - Questions you should ask your interviewer

I have been writing more articles to assist the job seekers lately. After writing about some possible interview questions and how to answer them and also about how to prepare/organize your CV for a job interview, I felt like something is still missing. There are sometimes in an interview session that your interviewer would request you to ask questions if you have any, and it is really not a good idea for you to shy away from it. Thus, I have decided to write out some questions you may ask your interviewer during an interview in this article.

As I said earlier, it interests your interviewer to hear you ask few relevant questions about their organization or the job you are being interviewed for. This goes a long way to portray your level of boldness and intelligence. But be careful not to delve into controversial areas.

Here are Some Questions You May Ask:

Is there any training available on job?
What type of training is available?
Is the company privately or publicly owned?
What has been the growth pattern of the company?
Can the interviewer say that the company has been growing profitably?
What are the chances of promotion for you in the job?
What are the skills and attributes most needed to succeed in the job?
Are there perceived competitors for the company?
How long has the company been in existence?
Has the company won any award or recognition?
When did the interviewer join the company and what is it that has kept him on the job?
Why is there vacancy on the job at this point in time?
Where is the job location?
When is the likely date of resumption for the job?
Is there any chance of annual leave on the job?

Note that some of this questions may be irrelevant as you may have researched the company prior to the interview and may have spoken of them when you were asked some certain questions by your interviewer and also, some of the details some of the questions above seek may have been included in the job advertisement and thus, you should avoid asking them.

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