How to Get Google Adsense Account Approved Easily

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How to Get Your Google Adsense Account Approved

One of the major reasons why a lot of blogs and websites are abandoned today is due to the inability of their owners to get their applications for Google Adsense approved and thereby make a living from their hard works and passions. I was not an exception to that same frustration, it got to a point that I started looking for Google Adsense Alternatives. Believe me, none of these alternatives pays like Google Adsense. One day when I was surfing the internet to find a solution to my problem, I stumbled upon an article that made me understand what Google really check out for when reviewing your Adsense Application. I applied the strategies and believe me, I got my account approved without hesitation. Ever since, I have helped over a hundred and fifty clients to get through their nightmare with Google Adsense Account approval.

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Today, I will be teaching you how to get your Google Adsense Account approved the next time you apply but before then, I want to take a little time to discuss the major issue people get when applying for Google Adsense; “Insufficient Content”.

Before I started writing this post, I was reading a thread on Google’s Adsense Support Forum, and I saw people who complained about the problem of Adsense Account being disapproved for not enough content even when they had over 300 posts published already. Some argued they got disapproved because their posts where copied, but I am assuring you that was never the problem as I have guided people to get their Adsense Account Approved even though they were not the original author of most of their contents. Though, I don’t in any way advise you to copy articles from peoples websites and blogs as they appeared as Google frown at plagiarism a lot.

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The fact is that Google did not disapprove your Adsense Account because you do not have as many content as required as they have never mentioned any amount of post to be published to qualify for Adsense approval. Google is not so dumb not to know that not all blogs and websites are created for dailies or frequent publications. The problem was that Google was not able to determine what your blog was really about and what you are really into even with your bulk of posts as they have an Adsense Policy you have to abide with in your works. Therefore, your Google Adsense Application was not accepted.

Having said much about the problems, it is now time to get solution for them.

How to Get Google Adsense Account Approved With Ease

Note: You have to make sure that no portion of your website or blog violates Google’s Adsense Terms and Policies before continuing to apply.

One thing you should know is that you can still get your Adsense Account approved even with just 10 posts or less. Just follow the hints below;

    • Make Your Blog or Website Neat and Readable – Before applying for Google Adsense, make sure that your blog is clean, presentable and readable. Google assign people for Adsense Approval and they would visit your blog to see for themselves before they would hit the approval button. So, if you think it is automated, you have to change your mindset. Select a good template, make a good header and make sure your images are within scale in order not to disorganize your layout settings.
      • Tell Google About Your Blog – You may not have taken the “About Us” page seriously, but it is one of  the reasons your Adsense Account would have been approved a long time ago. Google have a lot of applications piled up for them to review each day and do not have enough time to go through your 300+ posts to know what your blog is all about. You can make things easy and save time for the reviewers by simply creating an “About Us” page and place it anywhere around your blog’s header or footer section, preferably at the header or top of your blog prior to Google Adsense application. In this way, you can tell Google everything about your website or blog to help their review work.
        • Write a “Contact Us” page – This is not as important as the About Us page, but it is important to not leave any stone untouched. Your blog should be about and focused on your readers. Google would find it interesting to see that you have the interest of the readers in mind and that you are willing to here from them too.
          • Write a “Terms of Use, TOS or Policy” Page – As Google have their own policies that you have to abide by, it is also important to them that you also have a write up about your TOS and how you operate too.

            With all these aforementioned put in place, I assure you Google would approve your Adsense Account the next time you apply.

            EXTRA TIPS: When you get your Google Adsense Account Approved, I advise you not to play around with it by posting contents that violate their Adsense terms and policies. Google crawlers are capable of picking the slightest thing in your page that violates their terms and policies and when this happens, you would kiss your Adsense Account goodbye on the forehead.

            If you are still having any problem or have more to add to the above write up, feel free to use the comment box below.

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