How to Create a Blog

IntroductionToday, I will be teaching you how to create a free blog and take your business online. A lot of us have been hearing about making money

Blogger account opening


Today, I will be teaching you how to create a free blog and take your business online. A lot of us have been hearing about making money online and working from home but have not got the opportunity to really know what it is all about. Today, I am presenting you with such opportunity.

Imagine that you have a product or service you sell that might not require you to meet your customers in person, or that you are willing to sell to people in a particular city if you may need to meet your customers. Taking such business online would give you a wider customer base or even make the entire world your market place.
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I have a friend who sells at least 5 million copies of his product online in every year. Just imagine that this product is sold for just a profit of $0.10 per copy, he would be making an average of $500000 per year. You may say he is a cyber criminal because you have never seen him leave his house for work  and yet he keeps acquiring luxurious properties. You need to up your game.

You can also make money online just by writing a blog and focus on getting enough traffic so you can earn from publishing of adverts.

Creating a Blog

There are so many reasons that make people want to create a blog. Some could be basically to showcase our businesses to the world at large, while others could be to write news, tutorials (just like the one you are reading now) and earn money from it, or could also be for personal use (to write only about ones self) etc.

What so ever your reason for creating a blog may be, there are some things you need to put into consideration before making your first move. These include:

  • What “niche” to select
  • What Blogging Platform to use

What is a Niche?
A blogging niche simply means what a blog is all about. This determines the kind of articles we publish in our blogs. For example, Sports, Health, Education, Cooking, Gaming, Blogging and the list can continue. A blog can actually write on more than one or two niches depending on the blog’s purpose or can also write on a very tight niche like “Lionel Messi” instead of writing on  sports, football or Barcelona. 

Selecting a Niche
Selecting a niche is  one of the problems many bloggers faced. I am one of the bloggers who had problems in niche selection. If you are opening a blog for you business, then you don’t need to bother yourself selecting a niche selection because your niche includes all about your business. But if you are opening a blog to write articles for the masses and get a lot of traffic to your blog so you could earn money from your hard work, then selecting a good and high paying niche is a puzzle you would have to solve.

One of the things you should know before taking any niche is that your niche should be something you really have a passion for, know too well and can really write much about. If  you do not know anything about Cake Icing, then it would not be wise for you to create a blog writing about cakes or cake Icing because you will not have much to write for a long time. This could lead you to copying other people’s writings which is not good for you blog. (Click Here to read in detail about “How to Select a Good and High Paying Niche” for your blog).

What Blogging Platform to use
There are a lot of blogging platforms you can decide to use for your blog. Some of these include;

There are other platforms not listed above, but any of those mentioned above can serve your purpose well. and WordPress are the most used among all that I have mentioned and for a beginner like you, I would suggest you choose blogger for its simplified user dashboard. Your blog can be exported to another platform of your choice at anytime you want.

How to Create a Blogger’s Blog
To create a blog in blogger, visit and sign in with your Google Account details. Confirm your profile and continue to Blogger. on the page that you are now, locate “New Blog” and click on it to pop-up the blog creation form shown below

Create a new blogger account

Now, Select a title which is the main blog heading for your blog. Select a blog address, e.g; and then select a template for your blog. Finally, Click on Create Blog to create your blog.

Congratulations! You now own a Blogspot Blog. Click HERE to learn how to set up your blog to suit your needs or Click HERE to learn how to assign a custom domain like; to your blog.

Thank you for reading.
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